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To seek out the lost and offer them a new life in Christ Jesus.  To help support and embolden our youth to live a Godly lifestyle, and also to rejuvenate our brothers and sisters in Christ who live in a world that is progressively hostile to the way God meant for us to live.

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July 7-14, 2024
Every year since 1905 this camp ground has provided a time when all believers can gather together in the form of an old fashion camp meeting! Today's age more than ever needs to hear and see the Gospel of Christ Jesus.

If you've been looking for a place for your church, missions group, family reunions, and so on, to plan a retreat or simply a weekend of fellowship, you finally came to the right place.  The camp would like you to consider using our grounds for your events.  Our grounds are accessible for about 3 months throughout the summer (July - September).  We are located in the heart of the Adirondack Mountains of Upstate NY.  We can supply you with lodging for a limited number of people, almost unlimited tent space, 4 RV lots, fully equipped kitchen and dining area, a bathhouse, and a sanctuary for meetings and worship!

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The Wilmington Holiness Campground offers its grounds and facilities to multiple groups throughout the summer season.  First come first serve reservations.  During the Camp Meeting time frame we also offer 3 meals a day and lodging!

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Since it is only 3 months throughout the prime summer season, available space and days are filled up pretty quick.

The camp does have some specific rules to follow by all groups and individuals.

To find a time best suited for you. please consult our calendar for availability!

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