Throughout the generations our camp has been held up through God's Amazing grace!  Time after time when we go through our valleys, God shows up in amazing ways.  I have no doubt it is the prayers of those praying that help sustain our camp!  We ask for your prayers this year for our ministry of reaching out to the unsaved, to renew the minds and hearts of our members and those who attend, for the youth and their families, the workers who will be involved throughout the camp meeting and the entire summer!  We also ask for you to pray for some big projects coming up for our camp upgrades to be financed and completed!  Thank you in advance for your willingness and time devoted to this! Prayer is one thing we could spend our lives doing, and it wouldn't be a wasted life.

Adirondack Camp of the RockWilmington Holiness Camp Grounds

Cabin Upgrades
We are constantly trying to work on upgrading our cabins inside and out. 


Projects coming up

Recent Projects Completed!

Prayers and Updates

New Pavillion created in 2021. Great area for meeting, bible studies and more!

New Children's play area with a swing set

New stairs to the ladies dorm!

Sound system--in 2016 a new video system was added.  

A new electronic keyboard was donated.  

More  chairs were purchased (donation money)

picnic tables and umbrellas were purchased (donated money)

Restrooms--painted inside and outside

Snack Shack interior refurbished and a new door added.

Fire alarm system in the dining room/girls' dorm upgraded.  

Rock added to the road.  Porch floor repaired on the dining room.

Pavilion floor improved and picnic tables added.

Dead and dying trees removed.  

Work on roofs of some cabins begun

Tabernacle Floor 2015
Over the decades it has cracked and chipped away. 
This ALL has been re-done.  Along with new seating! 

New Sound system for the Tabernacle! 2015
Brand new speakers and controls were bought for the first time for use on the grounds.

Dining Room floor (Summer 2014)
The Dining room floor, with the help of some friends of the Camp, has been rebuilt above the old cement floor! It looks amazing, Is much cleaner, and much safer! Thank you to those who helped out! 

Dining Hall Back side has been cleaned up and repainted

For years the back side of our dining hall has been overgrown with brush and trees, and the paint has been wearing away!  Well its finally cleaned up thanks to some hard working volunteers.

New Evangelists Cabin Constructed
Thanks to some friends of the camp, a new cabin has replaced one we tore down.  This new Cabin has handicap facilities and shower and is a great addition to our camp!

New Culvert installed at Camp Entrance
During some of our more rainy seasons, this area seemed to be flooding a bit, the one culvert wasn't doing the job.  A New and upgraded system has been put in place!

Other Past Updates
Ladies' dorm has been gutted and remodeled on the inside!
New Guys' dorm has been constructed
New Septic system has been put in place for the grounds

Electrical Upgrades to the entire grounds and most cabins
Cabin roofs have been re-done (more need to be re-done)
Insides of a number of cabins have been updated (more still need updates)

These are just a few of the improvements that are going on!  We hope you can join us for another season.  If you feel led to be involved somewhere, by all means, we would love to point you in the right direction.