Adirondack Camp of the RockWilmington Holiness Camp Grounds

Rev. Tim Cole

The Rev. Tim Cole family is involved in full time pastoral ministry at the Trinity Holiness Church in Sophia, NC. Rev. Cole is a graduate of Hobe Sound Bible College, has been active in Christian Education for many years. He opened the Trinity Christian School two years ago. His wife, Lori, is a graduate of God’s Bible School and College. The family has traveled summers over twenty years, engaged in camp meeting evangelism, both singing and preaching. They hope to be joined by some of their seven children this year. Singing with family style harmony, they share a mix of sacred, traditional and Southern Gospel songs.

The Coles were at Wilmington Camp in 2016. Their music touched our hearts. Both are accomplished pianist, as well as singers. You won’t want to miss their inspiring music.


We would like to welcome everyone in the area who is interested in gathering together with other believers for a good time of fellowship and worship! We welcome all denominations and groups to join in whether it be for meals, fellowship, or worship, you don't have to camp over night to join in!

Stay the night

Morning Bible Study


               COMING EVENTS?

Clif (Patnode)‘s Bible Study will be picking

out major prophetic events of the future.

This will involve twelve events from Old

and New Testament prophecies—based

upon Isaiah-Malachi and John 14 and I & II Thessalonians, Revelation, etc. These predictions will begin with the falling away of the church and end with the Gog/Magog War in Ezekiel 38-39. The Rapture will be included in the studies.

Plan to come each day, Monday-Saturday, July 9-14 at 10 A.M. in the Dining Hall. Bring your Bible and a friend. Everyone is invited—campers and community friends.



Dr. Calvin Alexander

Dr. Calvin Alexander is a third

generation Church of the

Nazarene pastor. He grew

up on the rocky coast of

Maine, the son of

commercial fishermen/pastors.

He received God’s call to

full-time ministry as a young

child. Playing church was a

favorite childhood pastime. He preached his first ten-day revival at age 16. He received his BA and MA degrees from Eastern Nazarene College and his DMin from Trinity Theological Seminary. Since entering full-time ministry in 1969, “Pastor Cal” (as he prefers to be called) has pastored churches in Massachusetts, Connecticut, Maryland and Maine before moving to Ohio in 1989. He has pioneered three churches and restarted three others. He pastored Nazarene churches in Circleville, Pataskala, and Painesville, Ohio. His wife, Sharon, retired from teaching first grade in Christian and public schools. She passed from earth to glory in September of 2017. They have two grown sons, Chris and Kenny. Dr. Alexander pastored the Miller Memorial United Methodist in Johnstown as an “interim pastor” from August of 2001 to his retirement on Easter Sunday, 2015. He has since been engaged in four other interim pastorates and as an evangelist.

Pastor Cal is no strange to Wilmington Camp, although it has been many years. His dad was also a speaker. We welcome Pastor Cal and look forward to the messages from God’s Word that He has laid on Pastor Cal’s heart.

July 8 - 15, 2018

Sunday - Sunday:  
Sunday 8th 11:00 AM & 6:30 PM
Monday - Saturday at 7:oo PM
Sunday 15th at 11:00 AM
(Camp will end with dinner following the morning service! There will be no evening service!)


DAYTIME PROGRAM! Jacqueline Ramsay will head up the daytime Children's program! Children on the grounds or from the community (age 3-11) can meet at the Children's Tabernacle at 10AM (during Bible study)

During the evening service, the children will meet in the Children's Tabernacle. Barb Lawrence and her helpers will be telling Bible stories, playing games, and doing crafts.  

Main Services