Adirondack Camp of the RockWilmington Holiness Camp Grounds

Snack Shack

Open: Monday - Saturday evenings after service. 
2018 - Daytime (afternoon) operation - Each afternoon the snack shack should be open from 'around' 2 to 3 for NON-COOKED items. Evening operations will be the only time there is cooked foods.

The Snack Shack has very reasonable pricing and VERY good food. 
Hamburgers, Hotdogs, Fries, Soda, and a number of other hot and cold food.
Take some time after our 7PM services to stop by and chat with others from the area.

Children 3 years of age and under can eat free of charge (With an Adult)

If you think you will be eating at camp for most of your meals a All Camp Meal ticket is $85.00

All camp meals are made on site during the Camp Meeting and Youth camp periods!  Thanks to a few dedicated volunteers the camp has delicious food prepared morning, noon, and night! 

To the right you will see a list of times and prices for the meals!  These are prices you can't beat or cooking you can't match anywhere.  All are welcome to join.  If you know you will be attending meals in advance, let the cook know so she can plan as the week goes on! We look forward to seeing you.

4-10 years old
11+ years old
Breakfast 8:00AM
Donation Only
Donation Only

Lunch 12:00 NOON

Donation Only
Donation Only
Supper 5:00 PM
Donation Only
Donation Only
Sunday Lunch
Donation Only
Donation Only

Camp Meals